The second time we lived in Sedona

we were mature and

our children were raised.

We lived right at one of the vortices and I enjoyed sitting in those vibrations while pondering a spiritual question. The thing I was loudly making known to the Cosmos on that day was that I had to know – had to — about the power of the body energies and how they work in relation to spiritual growth.

One of the very interesting people I had recently met was a lady who did paintings for a living, but with a very Sedona-esque twist. She used her paintings to diagnose illnesses. I couldn’t understand it. I had had, I supposed at the time, my share of strange learning experiences, but I couldn’t understand this.


My conversations with her had flung a craving on me to draw, so I got out my charcoals and did a rough sketch. At the point where I felt I was done, it was as if lightning shot from it and joined with my chakras, and my answers to my burning question about the energies were in those flames which grew to encompass me entirely. I was in a burning — bush — from which the answer came.

With the fire also came the answer about how the lady could make diagnoses through her painting. Simple. When we reach into the deep part of ourselves to create something, when we thus access the universal mind and energies, we receive that which we have programmed ourselves to receive.





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