Louis L’amour and the Third Eye



L’amour was a very popular author

of adventure books, especially westerns. 

He wrote tough he-man stuff, and he was, himself, no stranger to the rough and tumble life, having been, among other things, a seaman and a boxer.  A tough guy. Looked tough. Was tough.

But, with all that concentration on the physical, he still showed that he was not bereft of wisdom. Here are some things he slipped into his books – things he said before it became popular to say them:

“He knew the kind of man he was. Whatever he does, one part of him stood off and watched.”

And – “No, I am no blasphemer, but something worse, I am an asker of questions.”

Having read these and other similar gems in his books, I don’t find it surprising that he talked of the power of the eyes. For instance, he more than once told of his hero, without much to hide behind when watching a camp, taking care not to stare at his enemies because that focus could cause them to look toward the source of the energy from his eyes and see him.

So – at least one tough guy was aware of the power of a stare and wrote about it.

But we now read of guys who are even tougher.  We learn of guys (and gals) who are aware of that energy of the eyes and who put it to practical use. There are many tales, for instance, of powers of Himalayan Yogis and their disciples who, with the help of a master Yogi in exactly following ancient techniques, use that power as part of their meditation practices — practices which turn them into super heroes.

On the same subject, I recall reading, in the 50’s, I think, possibly a little later, in a book about Russia’s studies on ESP, that they had learned that they could power a clock with the eyes.  A figure 8 was drawn on a board and attached to the clock.  Someone simply followed the lines of the figure 8 with his eyes.  As I recall, there was no difficult concentration involved, just the power of the focus of the eyes.





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