She was asked if Satan can take form in this realm,

… and she answered in the affirmative, saying that she had had a needed experience which proved it to her.

This is the story she told:

Many of the people who came to her for help suffered from horrible fears, and she had never been afraid, so the experience was part of her training as a counselor.

She was on her meditation seat when suddenly there was an entity behind her and a stench “like dead rats.” And — scared?  She made it very clear that now she had a very good understanding of fear.

That was the end of her story.  But someone asked her what happened next.  She replied that she simply said, “You don’t exist,” and that it was immediately as if windows had opened and a fresh spring breeze filled the room expelling all signs of negativity.

This is the same nun, a disciple of a Kriya Yogi, who was asked about her daily schedule:




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