Saint Germain provided the catalyst

for the beginnings of the evolution

of Sedona into a Spiritual center,

… according to Evangeline and Carmen VanPollen who, feeling that they were guided by Saint Germain, moved to Sedona from Phoenix. Thus began the founding of the Ruby Focus group, which was comprised of the first non-Indians to be aware of the energetics there. This is the story of that founding as told by group members who seemed fairly awed by the coincidences involved.

The first coincidence was when they met Mary Lou Keller, a realtor in Sedona, and gave her a description of the house which they knew of only through a paranormal episode. It seems that Mary Lou recognized and introduced them to the exact house.

The second coincidence came as a result of the offer which the VanPollens had been led to make, in that Mary Lou felt that it would never be accepted. But it was.

The third coincidence was the fact that there were no funds to make the lump sum payment for the house and no way was known to get the funds, but the money actually became available by the due date, and the house was paid for.

The story of our fairly miraculous introduction to the Ruby Focus group can be found here:




This comment (below) on Saint Germain is

very kindly provided by TheMadHatter.  Thanks, Hatter.


St. Germain is an immortal spiritual master
that has been given the ability to transcend time and space,
who is there to help humankind and all
through the violet ray of transmutation and freedom





8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. nelladell
    Jul 24, 2013 @ 00:03:18

    Credit goes to TheMadHatterxxxx for adding the notation at the end which introduces St. Germain as a spiritual master. Thank you, Hatter.


  2. fred smalley
    Feb 06, 2014 @ 05:08:28

    Hello and thank you for this. I was on the Ruby Focus mailing list in the 70s and really enjoyed their Teaching. For the record, his name was Garman (with a G) Van Polen. I lived at the Focus for three weeks in 1978 and found him to be wonderful.


  3. nelladell
    Feb 06, 2014 @ 10:22:51

    Fred, your input is appreciated. Do you remember them telling of riding in a car sometime around the early 60s and coming onto a one-way bridge at the same time as a car from the other end, the speeds being such that they couldn’t stop in time, but suddenly it was as if they had passed THROUGH each other harmlessly? And it was reported that after we left the group they began manipulating the weather. I’m wondering if that was during your time?


    • fred smalley
      Feb 07, 2014 @ 06:38:03

      How nice to meet another person who appreciates the Ruby Focus. I have heard the story of cars passing through each other, but it wasn’t the RF people.

      I met the RF printer, Sam Partridge in January of 1973. He mailed me lots of their literature and put me on the mailing list for their monthly Open Letter. It remains some of my favorite channeled literature of all time. I went to Sedona in 1978 and stayed with them for three weeks. An high-energy house to be sure.

      They did not control the weather while I was there. Once in an Open Letter, there was statement that one could not consider themselves an adept until they could control the weather. The RF decree book did have decrees for rain.

      Do you have any RF publications that you want to get rid of? I would love to have anything. When were you with the group?

      Again, nice to make your acquaintance.


      • SedonaInfo
        Aug 07, 2016 @ 00:18:30

        Hi Fred,
        I saw your post asking if anyone out here had some of the Ruby Focus materials. I do – a couple of family relatives were affiliated for awhile with Garman and Evangeline and visited Sedona and became quite good friends with them, she personally signed several items. . I inherited a lot of Ruby Focus materials, some of it going back into the mid-1960’s, and through the 1980’s. I would like it to go to someone who would appreciate it. I have thought about putting some of it on ebay, but not sure about that, as many people do not know or appreciate what it is. I also have the book written by Samuel George Patridge (He Walked Where I Walked), you said you were personal friends with him, so that might be of interest. I am in the process of making a complete inventory of all I have. If interested, email me –, thanks so much!

      • Fred Smalley
        Aug 07, 2016 @ 03:51:34

        Thank you so much for posting. I sent an email to your outlook address.

  4. nelladell
    Feb 07, 2014 @ 13:36:02

    I am glad to meet you, too.

    I’m sorry, but we don’t have any Ruby Focus letters or any other publications of theirs. In fact, if anything was printed while we were there, I am unaware of it. One of the members gave us something which had been channelled and written down, but I don’t know whose work it was, and we no longer have it.

    We were involved until about 1969, and it was a small group while we were there; about 8 or 12 at the meetings, so that the living room was not at all crowded. The channelling sessions at that time included talk of things that are reported to have come to pass in the time since; for instance, that there would be children born who would be much more spiritually advanced than folks were at that time. A good deal of the channelling involved imminent widespread catastrophes and folks from other worlds who were expected to land and pick us up within days or weeks. I’ve seen no reports of that happening. Well, there was talk of a Hopi elder who went into a canyon because a craft was seen to go down into it. The story was that he did not return and was never found. I also read of this — I think in the book, HOTEVILLA. If it did happen, I don’t remember the time frame.

    Our interest, though, was on the healing work and on the folks we met there. They were delightful people who taught us a lot..

    I have not seen them mentioned on the internet, so I will omit their names. I’ll just ask whether you knew the Ruby Focus couple who lived in Prescott. I think she may have passed over about your time or before.


  5. Giftoftruth
    Jan 02, 2015 @ 12:06:16

    The Divine Bridge
    Climbing is a pursuit which requires a steady will and a stout heart. Today the pilgrims are crossing the most dangerous chasms – the bridge leading from Reason to Knowledge. This is the bridge from the human to the Divine.
    Reason and intellectual knowledge carry the pilgrims across the plains where the grass grows green and the sun shines, and now and again upon the horizon, the white-capped mount of Attainement shines before the sight of the hopeful aspirant. Many become so enamored of the height and the beauty of that mountain top that they are sometimes overcome with joy in their pursuit, but only the unseen, but ever present Hand of God knows the perilous path between their present happy flight and that Mount of Attainment.
    When man first came forth from God, he created a Bridge by the beam of his own attention and then crossed over it from Paradise to Earth. After the descent, most men forgot their Divine origin, and as this beam was built of the Beam of their own Light Energy, it would have then decayed had it not been for the strong and valiant souls who came as the Guardian Spirits. These, while moving with mankind in the world of matter, kept their attention upon the Heights so that a thread of the Bridge might always remain unbroken.
    You came out upon a highway built of the energy of millions of lifestreams, but all must return upon a ribbon so fine that there is scarcely a place for the foot of of a single man to find security – and this is because there are so few Guardians of the Bridge. The ascended master Seraphis Bey is the Guardian of this Portal at inner levels through the activities of the fourth ray.
    From reason and intellectual understanding, there must come a KNOWING and a BEING of the Law. Among the Chelas there are those who have put reason aside and stepped boldly upon the Bridge bravely placing their hands in those of the unseen guides and walking forward in faith. The strong winds of doubt, fear and uncertainty will blow and the Bridge will sway over the chasm – but there is no return. The Masters who have guarded and prompted the chelas are the strong nets beneath their feet and the unseen arms around their swaying bodies – strengthening the Faith and Confidence within their beings.
    One day, you will set your feet upon a mossy bank and knowing yourself to be this God that you affirm yourself to be, will then be prepared to stretch out your arms to those that follow.

    Brother Thomas Printz


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