You know those times when you suddenly just know something?

No words, no pictures, no explanation — just clear knowing?

Our little girl, who loved kitties, had been given two kittens to raise, kittens that were really too small to survive without their mother. She fed them regularly with an eye dropper, kept them “licked” clean with a rough damp sponge, did everything I would have thought to do for them and more, but each had died and it hurt.

Now she had come up with another kitten too small to raise, and it was sickening, just as the others had. In the evening, while grieving for my child’s soon-to-be loss, I suddenly knew that blood would heal it. I saw it as clearly as I had ever seen the stars and moon. So I started planning how to get a little blood out of myself with the least pain. It was evening and I was reprieved by another “knowing,” which was that it was okay to wait until morning.

When morning came I still hadn’t decided on the way I was going to extract the blood. I hurried, as usual, to the kitchen to make breakfast, and prepared to cook eggs that had been laid by our hens the day before. When I opened the first egg my eyes must have popped because it was full of blood! I filled a dropper immediately and fed it to the kitty. She soon rallied, and she grew into a lovely, healthy cat named Pyewacket. 





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