In 1967 Hubby had bleeding ulcers. He had to feed them every couple of hours, was miserable, and found it hard to work. A friend, Jen, suggested I go meet with the Ruby Focus group, newly started and located in Sedona. They were the first white people to recognize the Sedona energies. I knew nothing about such things. Nothing at all. When it came time for the healing session we stood in a circle, each with arms crossed in front of himself and holding the hands of the neighbors on either side.

The leader of the group asked who needed help. Sedona was just a little village then and everybody knew everybody, and one of the group said, so-and-so is sick. So we were told to close our eyes and send healing energy to so-and-so. After maybe a minute the leader asked who was next. After doing that about three times, he looked at me and said, “You’re here for your husband. You’ll have to lead this because I don’t know your husband and haven’t been to your home.” (I have since wondered about his saying that, but that’s for another time. Or not.)

I was completely nonplussed, because I had been only going through the motions, not understanding any of it. He said, “OK, just close your eyes, know that we’re sending the energy through you, and just concentrate on your husband receiving it.” So I closed my eyes to make the effort and almost immediately I saw Hubby, in my third eye, which I didn’t know existed before that. His two legs, two arms and head made a radiant, fiery five-pointed star and I shouted, without knowing I was going to, “HE’S HEALED!” It must have sounded like a preacher at a revival meeting. And the leader quietly said, “OK, who’s next?”

Afterwards I was eating pot luck and a member of the group came over and said, “Don’t go home and expect to find your husband healed.” And I said, “But he is.” I don’t know what made me say that, either. He said, “Yes, you saw him healed. But what you saw was his astral body being healed. It will take a while for it to work down to his physical body.” It’s good that he told me because when I got home Hubby was up feeding his ulcer. The next morning I asked him how he was feeling and he said he felt really good and asked for bacon and eggs!!!!! I waited a week to be sure before I told him what had happened that night.
There is a p.s. Our 2-year-old daughter had been born with a serious lung problem. We were instructed to keep fresh penicillin in the refrigerator all the time. Once when her temperature was in the 104-105 range the doctor actually told me to give her four adult aspirin and I actually gave them to her, along with cooling her with water. Shortly after Hubby’s cure, she had a spell, no sleep for anybody for a couple of days. I called the man who had led the group and we drove to his home. He had called his son to act as a ground. I lay her on the couch. His son, shoeless, held her feet while the father put his hands on her head. He broke out in a big sweat and after a minute or so said, “That’s enough. If it’s going to work that will do it.” Our daughter climbed on my lap, went to sleep, and never had another minute’s trouble with the lung problem.

I am delighted that Reiki is now here. Hubby and I now use it together, he being the ground. But back then, we hadn’t heard of anything like Reiki. it was a big mystery.

one more p.s.

The man who led the group and later presided over our daughter’s healing? He claimed to be from Venus! Hey! Is that the planet where the healer, Jerry Wills, says he’s from?

Oh! My! Writing about this brings it into better focus or something. I thought I was grateful before, but this feeling now is almost overwhelming.





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