A Tragedy – The Last Act — A K A — The High Cost Of Education




I have written of Jen—of our dog killing her hen,

… of energizing Hubby so he could finish his work, of her friend, the monk in Sri Lanka. I have already said that her face was the sun, and so it seemed. Her every gesture showed Love–Love for all people, for animals and the earth, for every blade of grass. The end of every meal saw her scattering remnants on the earth for “the little people,” and I knew this was an outward sign of inner beautiful thought and emotion. She was the personification of compassion and kindness, seemingly without any capacity for criticizing anyone in any way.

Ho, her husband, was somewhat bothered that Jen was very anchored in her light work and in her psychic world because these activities took up the greater part of her time. When I met her and became determined to learn all I could from her she began giving time to me, too, so Ho was pretty much on his own and naturally cold-shouldered me. It didn’t bother Jen a bit. As far as she was concerned, the jealousy was his problem and his alone.

One day Ho actually approached me. And he told me a fairly amazing story. He said that he was suddenly happy with Jen’s activities, that he now understood her and what she was doing. He said that he had happened to touch her while she was meditating, that the touch caused him to experience what she was experiencing, and that all he now wanted in life was to have for himself what she had.

(Later I read, in a Yogi’s writing, that when one touches someone in a very high state of consciousness, that that high state is transferred to the person.)

Ho changed immediately and completely. Gave up sex. Yup. I kid you not. He gave up sex while sharing a bed every night with that beautiful woman. He became as involved in spiritual activity as Jen. He was very pleased, especially, that he was able to give up sex. Gandhi was his role model. 15 years later he proudly told me that he was still “off sex.”

What happened next — I can’t imagine how it happened–I just can’t imagine.

When we again met about ten years after that, Ho was no longer bragging about no sex, so I asked Jen and she said that He had fallen off that wagon. I was saddened. But I was especially sad for Jen. She rarely smiled, she never spoke of light work, ever, and she very often found fault, even with her lovely grandchildren. I didn’t want even to be around her. I was heartbroken.

I learned that Jen and Ho had fallen in with a “guru” in India who seemed to be negative, in that he taught that anyone who was not following him was – you all know that story and his followers were also preaching that theirs was the only – etc. Jen and Ho had been spending time with his followers in Sedona (NOT the Ruby Focus group). So, now they were not the people who never found fault and who greeted every situation with a smile. Many now felt their sting – their children and grandchildren, members of certain races, some folks in the arts, and certainly folks in any religion or cult other than their own.

We must choose our company very wisely, being with those with the traits we want — and we must keep up our shields of protection.

(In my not-so-humble opinion.)





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