There was an exact moment

that marked the change in

our little girl, JJ.

Actually the period of time was probably about thirty seconds. Before that she was a frail child whose survival was constantly in doubt, and after that she was robust and active.


At the end of that thirty-second period the Venusian removed his hands from her head saying that it was enough if a healing was happening.  JJ immediately relaxed into sleep and the Venusian’s son, who had come to act as a ground, picked up his lunch box and left for work. The scene became one of friends just enjoying a visit, and we took advantage of the chance to ask him some questions, although we didn’t know what to ask. In the 60’s it was absolutely outlandish to think about meeting a man from another world, and we were completely at a loss.
He did tell us that he had traveled in a space craft, that it was normal for healings to take place through the touch of his hands, though all trials were not successes, and that he could see things at a distance. We didn’t know enough to ask how.

Oh, the things I would ask if he were still around —

When he finally walked us to our car he said, just before we closed the doors, “Have you ever seen a space ship?”

Well – we said that we hadn’t.

He told us to look off to our left when we dropped off the rim and we would see one.




It was a lovely clear night and JJ was sleeping peacefully for the first time in ages, so we settled in to enjoy the ride. We forget the Venusian’s remark about a space craft.

Out from Flagstaff on the way to Sedona you come to a spot where the world abruptly drops away as you leave the Mogollon Plateau.  Just as we started to make the turn that took us off the precipice something reminded us to look to our left and we immediately saw a light moving upward and out of sight – a light too fast for a plane, too slow for a shooting star, had a shooting star appeared to be moving upward.




We don’t know what it was. We can’t rule out some sort of hypnotism.   But we were more than a little open-mouthed, and we still are.






2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. pedrohedgerow
    Feb 18, 2014 @ 10:53:18

    Thank you for sharing this.Its good to hear some positive words about others from elsewhere.


  2. nelladell
    Mar 10, 2014 @ 19:14:28

    Thanks, Pedro


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