Near Sedona, Arizona is

Tuzigoot National Monument,

which encloses ruins left by the Anasazi.

Near the ancient ruins is a museum which housed artifacts, including a skeleton with grave goods and other ancient objects.

During the time that I was a regular visitor to such area sites in the 60’s I heard several stories of “haunting” going on in the Tuzigoot museum – caretakers being frightened at night by doors opening or closing, strange sounds, and objects being moved.

Shortly after the turn of the century I was again at one of the area ruins, Montezuma, where I struck up a conversation with a ranger, and it occurred to me to ask her if she knew anything about the events at Tuzigoot.

She related that her husband had been a ranger at Tuzigoot for some time and that he had told her that descendants of the Anasazi had been allowed to remove the skeleton from the museum and give it a traditional burial, whereupon the frightening events stopped.




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