We lived far enough when we were kids

that we never got to Joplin

to see the Joplin spook light

… which, according to many reports, now and then moves along a tree-lined country road nearby.  But we had cousins who lived close to Joplin and who visited the road on many Saturday nights in the 30’s and 40’s. They saw it several times.  Their description matches what has been written about it — if you chase it, it disappears and pops up behind you — you can read a newspaper by its light, etc.

There is now a man of science in Joplin who decided to do a better job investigating it than anyone had hitherto done, including the soldiers who lay in ambush in the ditches (I’m imagining them shooting at it from both sides of the road). He came to the road every night with his camera and flashlight and thermos.

After a month the light finally showed up and he reports that he investigated and investigated.  He followed it, he ran from it, and he took pictures. He walked along behind it until it disappeared and reappeared behind him.  He ran after it until it did the same thing.  He got close enough to read by its light, and he stood still and watched it.  He jumped at it and he jumped away from it and he ran from it.

He managed to do a couple of things that I hadn’t heard reported before.  For one thing, he got a close-up photo of it which showed it to be actually three lights.

And he chased it up and down the road until it went to the top of a tree. Yes, he climbed the tree after it, at which point it floated over to the top of another tree.

The spook has a personality.




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