What on earth made me suspect that this was the shamans’ site?




First was the way the site made me feel — safe and welcome. Then we found this rock, and it made me wonder.

 What interested me are the lizard-looking figures.  They have been pecked into the stone, and I noted that they are covered with varying degrees of desert varnish, which means that they were made at different times.

 The people who lived here were the Anasazi.  A site I was led to by Google says that they left Chaco Canyon by 1200 and Mesa Verde by 1300, so it seems we can say that the newest and clearest figure here dates back that far or, possibly, further.  This shows how slowly the desert varnish forms, so it is reasonable to consider that the other figures, much less clear, are much older.  In this photo I can only make out three that I feel are what I’m calling lizards for now.  With the naked eye I thought I saw one, possibly two even older ones.

 At any rate, the “lizard” was important enough to be kept fresh at this particular spot for a goodly number of years, maybe centuries.  So I was reminded of shamans.  We learned that they used energies to do their traveling in other realms, and they would have understood, as yogis do today, the importance of always doing such work in the same spot, thus building and holding the needed energy in that place.

 So it seemed reasonable to wonder if this stone is part of that energy work.

 I remembered reading that what are thought to be lizards sometimes actually depict shamans working in other realms.  Arms and legs are not used so are shown floating free, and the “tail” is actually, in those cases, male energy.

 After the discovery of this stone alongside what remains of small ancient stone rooms, now in a state of ruin, I came back at night to shoot pictures.  One picture I call THE WELCOME.


Also of interest is a series of pictures of changing energy — that of shamans?.

 Those pictures are also shown here.


 The stone and the pictures, along with, to a lesser extent, some nearby carvings, cause me to think of this lovely place as the Shamans’ Site.


Ancient carvings from this site can be viewed here


I forgot to mention the light we sometimes saw over there at the ‘shaman site’ while sitting on the little terrace by our house. The light didn’t look like a camp fire or any other type of light that comes quickly to mind. It was always a bit flat looking – I mean, horizontal, rather than a ball, though it did have a flattened-on-the-bottom appearance as a spread-out fire, or several fires, might have.

It was too easy to think we were imagining that light, so we didn’t give it much importance. We did, however, visit the site on a couple of occasions on the day after we thought we saw it, but found no prints in the sand — no sign of visitors. The ‘shaman site’ is right at the bottom of Spirit Mesa, so the light could not have been at a distance.

One day I enhanced some pictures and this one, shot toward the ‘shaman site’ shows a light which has the appearance of the light we had seen on several occasions.

It’s way different, but I can’t help but be reminded of the well-known ‘Joplin Spook Light.’ The experience of a friend, who is a science teacher and who visited that Joplin light for scientific reasons, can be seen here:


If anyone can verify that I am right or wrong, please let me know.






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