Our teen son got in with a

crowd of boys who were

hiding from the police


We told him he was to stop seeing them, but agreed with him that we should get to know them for ourselves.  Shortly after I had met with them enough to become convinced that our son had been right in pleading their innocence,  I was busy in the living room picking up and singing and glancing out at the strange horse on our lawn, when i had an inner urge to lie down and relax.

The lessons I had learned and the help I had received by following instructions from that source were — and are — sacred to me.  So I lay down, took a couple of yogic breaths to silence myself, and was immediately told to tell the authorities where the boys were hiding!!!

Having no choice, I took myself to the judge in our town.  I told him that I knew where Freddie and the boys were, whereupon he started a tirade that began, “Just wait until I get my hands on them, ” and ended with, “And besides all that, they’ve impregnated three girls just this year.”

When it was my turn I asked him to please visit the house that Freddie’s mom had rented for them before taking any action, and he agreed.  We drove over together.  He went through the entire house, talked to the boys together and individually, and stared at their poor makeshift altar,  Then he called the Chief of Police and asked him to come have coffee with us at the Holiday Inn.

After pleasantries at the Inn, he relayed to the Chief what he had learned and told him to leave the boys alone and to ignore any complaints about them.

I am very grateful for that Kriya-born silence that allows the still small silent voice to be heard.






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