Reiki practice can be surprising and even disconcerting




I love working with animals.

Love it.

They just soak it up as if it were second nature, with no conflict …

Not like some humans who question, or seem fearful even …  feeling as if they don’t deserve to have healing.

Animals are so humble, accepting and trusting … without fear.

A little white dog which had not been well since birth had been receiving the energy through my hands for a few minutes when words came from my mouth that I can’t imagine saying. The circumstance of that moment would call for something more like The Venusian’s words when he said that it was enough if it were meant to work. (That was the day our daughter was healed through the laying on of his hands, and the story is here:

 But what I said this day wasn’t anything like what the Venusian had said. What came out of my mouth, thus surprising me, was, “That’s it. She’ll either get well or die!” Luckily, she was acting well and she has not been ill in the four years since those moments with Reiki.

 But who would say that?

Certainly not a caring Reiki practitioner, right?

Many times over the years, in speaking to a class or in answering questions, things have come out which I hadn’t realized before, but which I immediately recognized as true. This was something entirely different. I am thinking that the lesson which was to be brought home to the dog’s master and to myself is that we are to know that all is well and worthy of gratitude, no matter what.




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