The Joplin Tornado at least taught some lessons




I got this off the net shortly after the storm:

“A man and his granddaughter were trying to get to a house when the tornado struck and he realized they weren’t going to reach it.

So he and the child hit the ground and he laid on top of her and clung to the earth. The tornado was so strong it ripped the soles off of the man’s boots.  All the while, the girl kept trying to look up, despite her granddad’s orders not to.

After the tornado passed, the man asked his grandchild why she kept looking up.

Apparently, she couldn’t help it.

“The butterfly that was holding you down was so beautiful,” the girl said.

Bill said he knows that “butterfly” was an angel.

“That was just one of several stories we heard of children saying that big, beautiful butterflies protected them,” he said.”



And Hubby has a friend who, while headed to the basement to escape the oncoming storm, caught his foot in the stairs and couldn’t get it out.   So he just hunkered there in the staircase while the tornado ripped through.  When it had passed, his house was in the basement but he was unhurt on the stairs.

A foot-trapping butterfly?






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