The Love Egg — From The Front Of My Journal



It was a nice group of teen-agers

who met virtually every night.

While their get-togethers were full of fun and laughter, unlike at most meetings of teens, the subject of their discussions was spiritual. They were very interested, not in any religion, but in spirituality.

I was often with them in their cross-legged circle on the floor and enjoyed their respect. One of them, J, and I became especially close, he always being the quickest to run and hug me upon my arrival. But he started cooling off and became cooler and cooler until one evening when I got there he turned on his heel and, with a backwards glare, slammed out of the room.

That same night I was awakened by an unheard voice saying the words, “Defend yourself,” and J was shooting me with arrows of hatred and misunderstanding. They were hitting my heart and they hurt.

I said, “How? How do I defend myself from this hatred?”

The silent voice said the words, “With love.” And I was guided – indeed, it was done for me, like a mother might guide a child’s hand in drawing a letter. I was thus guided through a process in which J was enclosed, standing, in a brilliantly glowing egg, little end down. (I have since seen a picture of this archetype looking exactly like it did that night.) The glow is love.

The arrows and the pain immediately stopped.

I got out of bed, went to the kitchen, made myself tea and sat stunned. It had to have been a dream, but I felt that I knew that it had actually happened.

The next evening when I entered the room where the boys were, J came RUNNING, gave me a gigantic bear hug, and explained that he had been really upset with me because I spent time with the boys as if their welfare was important to me, but that he had begun to be very hurt because I hadn’t sworn allegiance to their guru.

He went on to say that something had awakened him in the middle of the night immersing him in unbelievable love and in the sudden certainty that I was doing what I should be doing.

A kind of neat aside. The leader of the group, known for his psychic abilities, said, “I see arrows and an egg.” So I told them what had happened with me the night before — my own part as a student.


This is the link to the story of the reason of my incursion into their group.  It’s here:






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