Hubby and I were reading

before going to sleep

when a phantom appeared

at the foot of the bed.

It looked exactly like phantoms we had seen before, at funerals. (One of these incidents is discussed below.)

While the phantom was in our bedroom we discussed it, wondering who it was and talking about the fact that nobody we knew had died recently.

This was about 1968 before email, and we had no phone. Three days after the incident we got a letter from a friend of the family a thousand miles away. The letter said that he had visited us in our bedroom, repeated what we had said during the time we had been watching the phantom, and said that he hoped the next time he visited we would recognize him .

There was an unrelated event at the funeral of Hubby’s brother, Bill. Hubby was down front with the family and I was in the back with Bill’s young children. I was watching five shadowy human-shaped figures up by the ceiling to the left of the altar – five phantoms. The one in the center was very tall and thin with the mouth hanging open. Bill had been very tall and thin and his mouth was usually agape. (We’re hillbillies. What can I say?) I believed the other four figures to be Bill’s parents and two brothers who had passed over not long before. When we were back home hubby and I compared notes and our descriptions of the phantoms matched. We had each seen the same thing.

These events seem to lend credence to folks who say the body in which we astral travel is the same body which we inhabit after passing over.




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