Earth and Moon


The Venusian and The Gypsy

had great healing powers


… but he did not heal himself of a chronic health problem, and neither did she, to my knowledge, consciously use the energy to heal her own body. .

The Venusian once commented that he could not use his talents to heal himself, although others had been healed instantaneously of serious problems through his ministrations, my husband and baby being examples. .

Now, after bringing this puzzle to my conscious mind, it is suddenly no puzzle at all.  The Gypsy’s training of Reiki initiates included instructions to call for and to expect, not physical healing, but the best possible results for the person.

Indeed, I think that it is obvious to most of the folks who do such work that healing of the body is not always what a person needs if he is to gain the love and patience and other attributes needed in order to be complete and healthy and joyous. .

It follows that a practitioner, no matter how many ‘miracles’ he has witnessed through his acts, would not call for — or hope for — a ‘miracle’ for his own body, but that he would, while self treating and feeling the enthralling loving energy, simply trust himself to the utter wisdom of That Ultimate Power.

Of course, in considering this subject, it is also well to keep in mind the extra effort it takes to stand aside and to remain free of emotion.  In dealing with oneself and with loved ones it is not so easy to totally surrender the will of the ego.







Reiki practice can be surprising and even disconcerting




I love working with animals.

Love it.

They just soak it up as if it were second nature, with no conflict …

Not like some humans who question, or seem fearful even …  feeling as if they don’t deserve to have healing.

Animals are so humble, accepting and trusting … without fear.

A little white dog which had not been well since birth had been receiving the energy through my hands for a few minutes when words came from my mouth that I can’t imagine saying. The circumstance of that moment would call for something more like The Venusian’s words when he said that it was enough if it were meant to work. (That was the day our daughter was healed through the laying on of his hands, and the story is here:

 But what I said this day wasn’t anything like what the Venusian had said. What came out of my mouth, thus surprising me, was, “That’s it. She’ll either get well or die!” Luckily, she was acting well and she has not been ill in the four years since those moments with Reiki.

 But who would say that?

Certainly not a caring Reiki practitioner, right?

Many times over the years, in speaking to a class or in answering questions, things have come out which I hadn’t realized before, but which I immediately recognized as true. This was something entirely different. I am thinking that the lesson which was to be brought home to the dog’s master and to myself is that we are to know that all is well and worthy of gratitude, no matter what.



PUT IT HERE! (In these hands)




Shortly after being initiated into Reiki …

I struck up a conversation with a clerk in a Sedona book store and learned that she had recently been initiated into Reiki I.  Wanting to learn whenever the chance arose, I asked if I would be able to feel the healing energy in her hands. She replied in the affirmative and showed me how to cup my hands above and below hers. I didn’t feel anything.

She asked me to wait a jiff, closed her eyes, and said, “Almighty, grant me honesty, empathy, and love. Almighty, grant me honesty, empathy, and love. Almighty, grant me honesty, empathy, and love.” She again had me assume the hand position and I was, this time, able to feel the energy in her hands.

It was a reminder to me of how important prayer/affirmation is as part of the “calling in” of the healing power.







The second time we lived in Sedona

we were mature and

our children were raised.

We lived right at one of the vortices and I enjoyed sitting in those vibrations while pondering a spiritual question. The thing I was loudly making known to the Cosmos on that day was that I had to know – had to — about the power of the body energies and how they work in relation to spiritual growth.

One of the very interesting people I had recently met was a lady who did paintings for a living, but with a very Sedona-esque twist. She used her paintings to diagnose illnesses. I couldn’t understand it. I had had, I supposed at the time, my share of strange learning experiences, but I couldn’t understand this.


My conversations with her had flung a craving on me to draw, so I got out my charcoals and did a rough sketch. At the point where I felt I was done, it was as if lightning shot from it and joined with my chakras, and my answers to my burning question about the energies were in those flames which grew to encompass me entirely. I was in a burning — bush — from which the answer came.

With the fire also came the answer about how the lady could make diagnoses through her painting. Simple. When we reach into the deep part of ourselves to create something, when we thus access the universal mind and energies, we receive that which we have programmed ourselves to receive.




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