Our Dog Killed Jen’s Hen And She

Apologized For Not Having

A Stronger Fence

That’s how I met her.

It turned out that she was an encyclopedia on metaphysical and spiritual stuff and that she had had many fascinating experiences in her years in light work. She introduced me to the idea of making practical use of spiritual energies.

After supper Hubby and I visited with her until two in the morning, learning about experiences we couldn’t have imagined; about building energy in the body; about Mother Earth being a conscious being; about using energy to heal others. This was heady stuff in the 60s.

But when we got up the next morning after only four hours’ sleep, Hubby was pretty upset. At that time he was an auto mechanic and he had an engine to overhaul by noon. He was in no condition to do it and was really down. At 9 o’clock I called to see how he was doing and evidently he was all thumbs and things were going very badly indeed. He told me there was no way he could get it out by noon.

I went to see Jen, telling her, basically, that I would really appreciate it if she could put her energy where her mouth was. Her face lost its usual glowing smile and she said, “Oh! Oh, dear! Well! All right, dear, just sit down right here on the step with me and let’s send him some energy.” She instructed me to close my eyes and relax and send him energy. We sat thus for maybe ten minutes.

When he came home at noon for lunch and I asked him how things had gone, he said, “You know, it’s really strange. Just a few minutes after you called I suddenly felt really good and everything went well and actually finished the car.”

So, one of my first lessons in light work went very well.





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