Accidental Killing By A Light Worker?



She was a very beautiful glowing lady of great compassion.

I wrote about some magical experiences with her, including the story SPEAKING OF PAST LIFE SCARS.


This is Jen’s story, told to me by herself during the weeks of a long summer, with additions by her family of what they witnessed on that final day. I know nothing about it except what she and her husband and children told me.

She saw her duty as being a light worker helping the elementals, the fairies and gnomes of whom she was very fond, and she spent a great deal of time “holding the energy for them to help them perform their services to the planet.”  She had been doing this for a long time.

She was also communicating mentally with a monk in Sri Lanka, and as their friendship grew she began to spend less and less time with the elementals. There came a day when the monk decided to come visit her in his astral body. (I have written of one such visit Hubby and I witnessed in another story from my journal which has a short title including the word “ghost” …………….

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But she didn’t want him to visit. She had decided that she wanted to get back to what she felt was her commissioned work, and told him not to come.

He said he was going to come.

She said she would put up a barrier and again warned him away.

He was adamant.

So was she.

Later she was sitting in meditation and Ho, her husband, was in the street with their kids and neighbors having an impromptu little block party. Ho and the kids later told me that suddenly there was a loud explosion and blue fire in the air by the house which everyone heard and saw. He ran inside and Jen was crying and said that her Sri Lankan friend had come and when he struck her barrier it killed his astral body and that she was, at that moment, watching his physical body dying in Sri Lanka while his brother monks wondered what was happening. (Aside: Light workers know that when a healing is done with energy the astral is healed first, and that it usually takes varying amounts of time for it to take effect in the physical body. That being so, it would seem to make sense that if an accident kills the astral, the physical might not die instantly.)

I can’t vouch for this adventure. I will say that I don’t believe she would have been willing to take on the karmic costs of telling a lie, and witnesses say there was a huge explosion in the air. Was she/were they hallucinating? I don’t know. I know she wasn’t hallucinating the effects of her light work, for instance when that work helped my hubby get through a very tough day.





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  1. misstigerlillyxxx
    Jul 01, 2013 @ 15:27:11

    I feel it was 100% his fault he refused to respect her wish’s and he was warned should of respected what she wanted


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