The Venusian’s Non-Visit to Missouri (remote viewing)




Upon meeting The Venusian in Sedona,

and having heard that he

had paranormal abilities

… my mother asked him if he could give her some information about my brother in Missouri about whom she was very concerned. The Venusian, who had not been told anything of my brother, his home, or his condition, acquiesced. He became extraordinarily quiet, then started relating a journey. His words are paraphrased here:

“I am standing on the sidewalk looking at his house. It’s a small cottage. Three steps are near the left end of the porch, which goes across the entire front of the house. The right end of the porch has two rocking chairs. I’m going up the steps and straight across the porch to the door. Now I’m in a small foyer with stairs on the left and the living room on the right. The house is very tidy and clean. Looking toward the back of the house there is a wide opening from the living room into what was meant to be a dining room, but is being used as a bedroom. The kitchen is beyond that.”

All the details were as if he were actually there seeing it.

I don’t have notes concerning what he said about my brother except that he would be okay, and it turned out that he was.

I salute you, Venusian. I miss you.




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