More on That Mystic Experience



I’ll finally fulfill a promise

… to write more about Paramahansa Yogananda’s disciple whom I followed around at a lawn party for the enjoyment of feeling her strong vibration. What a buzz!!  At the time that I put it in story form here I couldn’t visualize actually trying to describe my experience. There is no way words can have true meaning in cases like these, not English words, at least.  But you asked, and here’s another effort.

First, an event in the lives of a couple we knew.  She was spiritual, he was not.  Well, he would have described himself as spiritual by today’s standards, but she was the one who went, consciously and at will, into blissful higher realms and dealt with the beings there and learned from them how to be of more service in this realm.  One night he happened to touch her while she was meditating and he experienced, through that touch, the same thing she was experiencing and he was changed on the spot, much like many people describe happening to them as a result of near death experiences.  Various spiritual states can be transmitted in other ways, as well, by advanced Yogis.



I’ve heard folks speak of getting a buzz from liquor or other drugs, and am going to presume that it is pretty much the same buzz one has when in the hospital on pain killers.  A buzz which, if only sound would be a roar, enveloped the lady, extending far enough from her body that I could follow at a distance of four or five feet and still feel it quite strongly.  That’s why I followed her.

When she turned and fixed her stare on my eyes, It was much like being transfixed with love.

My experience with “transfixion” can be described as feeling as if each body cell is “frozen” as if locked in place by the energy.  I think of the peace therein as “electrical awe,”  The body is locked in place more than comfortably, so that one can meditate for hours without any kind of bodily movement or distraction or sensation, such as heat or cold.  The attention can much more easily be fixed, one-pointedly, on That Allness within, which the Yogis and other Mystics tell us is the goal of meditation.

The presence of the mystic — and her gaze — put me into an awesome fire which encompassed the universe — a state of consciousness for which I have no description.  It is a state for which, through the eons, mystics have happily given up sex and home and family, even clothing.




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  1. carry11me11across
    Jun 27, 2013 @ 21:12:18

    Lovely story, this, and so well-described. 🙂


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