A friend was in terrifying danger

and I had no way to get news.

I was standing in our living room thinking of the situation and, I suppose (my notes don’t tell), crying to That Which I Call God.

Suddenly I was frozen in place and a robed figure appeared from/in the ether. I still see Him clearly. He was about fifty feet tall and was holding my friend protectively cuddled in his arms, just as a mother holds her beloved newborn. The message I got out of the ether was that my friend might suffer pain, even death, but that all was well. It was so powerful that all concern was gone and I was left with great gratitude.

That was over forty years ago, but the lesson is fresh. There is always surety that whatever challenges must be fought, all is well — even to be celebrated. It does not mean that I take things lightly, only that I don’t suffer the fear which I sometimes sense in folks with whom I come in contact.

Later I heard a monk conveying the same truth when he said (paraphrase), “When I get to the end of my rope, I just turn loose, knowing that I will land in the lap of our Cosmic Mother.”




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