A little vortex spot, a good place for “sailing within,”

… had been created by repeated practice of meditation at the same location.
One evening, while relaxed there, I was consumed by an unfamiliar and overwhelming sensation.

I didn’t think that I had opened myself to dark energies or evil entities, but am definitely aware of having imperfections, so I took the precaution of telephoning a Yogi who had proven to be a good guide, a follower of Paramahansa Yogananda.  He told me to resume the state in which the sensation had manifested, saying that the moon was full and that “they” were trying to reach me.

Without asking who “they” are, I did resume the inner state, and their identities were almost immediately revealed in an experience worth remark.

The closest description of the event which I have seen is Bernini’s sculpture, “Ecstasy of Saint Teresa.”  My experience was definitely not anywhere close to being on a par with hers, but it did seem a sublime form of chakra work and it was life changing.  It was also a proof to me of the value, in spiritual growth, of what we sometimes call spirit guides, sometimes angels, sometimes gurus.

(By the way, well meaning folks who have not had this type of experience and, therefore, no way of knowing otherwise, have presumed that this sculpture could only be a depiction of sexual activity.  I can see how that mistake can be made.)





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