A yogini (female yogi),

a monastic at the organization

… created by Paramahansa Yogananda to spread Kriya, was asked about her schedule.  I don’t have notes, so this is her recital from memory:

She gets up at four to meditate.  She joins the other monastics at seven for meditation which ends with prayer for the world and for those who have asked.  She then has breakfast, then work starts at eight.  At twelve they gather for a repeat of the group meditation and prayer followed by lunch, then back to work at one.  At five they exercise for an hour, then they have their group meditation and prayer.  She usually skips the evening meal in favor of meditation, which lasts until about midnight.
While I was dependent on memory for her remarks above, I remember well her last sentence:
“I love the weekends because then I can meditate as much as I want.”






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