THE GYPSY WITH THE HAVASUPAI, the people of the blue-green water.




This is the story, told by The Gypsy,  

… of a climb she made out of the Grand Canyon with a party of Havasupai, and of a boy’s adventures on that trip.

The child had been told, the night before, that they would be accompanying the group setting out the next day to gather pine nuts and that he needed to prepare.  But he didn’t.  When the group started up the trail on their loaded horses everyone ignored his pleas and kept going.  So, unencumbered by provisions, he hurriedly mounted his pony and set off after them.

When they topped out on the rim they had climbed almost a mile and they were tired and hungry. The much cooler air at this altitude had caused everyone else to put on coats but he had none and was cold.  He watched them eat from their individual pouches, but he had no food.

He begged from his mother and she shared a bite. He begged from another relative who gave him a bite. He begged food from each member of the party.

Desert air cools rapidly with the setting of the sun and when the others bedded down in their blankets the boy sat shivering and alone until he begged his mother to share her blankets with him.

The Gypsy, in telling of this event, passed on to me a lesson in teaching children habits which will serve them well in the harsh times which can come to all of us..






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