THE GOOD : Does this photo show energy of Kuan Yin?




The Gypsy had shown a great

love of and trust in Kuan Yin

… a fact proven by an event which happened shortly after we moved to our secluded home at Spirit Mesa. It was a spot felt by most folks of the area to be haunted, and psychics thought it to be a fairly powerful vortex.


Among the strange experiences we had there were odors; mostly of tobacco or of grain parching or parched grain stew, which reminded us of the Chaco people who had abandoned the area, leaving it uninhabited for around a thousand years.


But one day I smelled roses. Chances of there being roses within a couple of miles of this remote location were negligible. I phoned The Gypsy, who said that she had asked Kuan Yin to stay there and protect us, and that the odor of roses often accompanied her presence.


Is this a photo of Kuan Yin? Or is it one of our own spirit guardians? Or — simply a bizarre reflection of light?


I took this photo from our front door. There’s something in the picture which can be taken to show something threatening our home:


Other unexplained pictures taken at Spirit Mesa:


Other experiences with The Gypsy:




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